Playing wild



Memories of Newnham Croft Primary School, the Wild Garden. Created summer 2014.


Watching me, watching you. This little boy made a camera out of blocks and followed me round the garden as I worked, taking ‘photos’ of what I was doing with the other children for his space ship records. He was an alien visiting earth and gathering data.



Here the teepee corner is both meeting place and building area. This little girl spent a long time carefully building up a stable network of branches so that she could climb up to the top of her tower. In the meeting place this group of boys were discussing rules for pirates on the ship they’d made out of the logs and stumps further up the garden. Below you can see them running through the garden, over obstacles to reach their ship.






All the children helped plant the garden. They sorted plants into groups according to the conditions they like to grow in – sunny, warm, open areas in the ‘riverside’ part of the garden and shady, enclosed areas in the ‘woodland’ part of the garden. I taught them how to transfer a plant that has been grown in a container into the ground and by the end of the week, they were all telling me how to do it!