Fine weather and good progress

The weather holds fairĀ and we make good progress at Millington Road Nursery School.

Numbers on mini garage doors

Fixing numbers onto the mini garage doors where the trikes and ride-on toys will live.



Binoculars in place on The Lookout to encourage children to stop and look at the self-seeded habitat on top of the bomb shelter

fairy circle

Making a start on the Fairy Circle and wild area. More planting and shaping of this wild corner is scheduled for the spring with the addition of annuals and more grasses to create a sensory garden. The children will be able to ‘hide’ in here whilst being in full view of the staff and enjoy the different textures and sounds captured in the mixed planting. A great place to collect seed heads, flowers and leaves for mud pies!


And the mud pie kitchen is taking shape with two work surfaces, shelves, hooks and a fresh water container for mixing mud pies and cakes.

Mud Pie Kitchen taking shape